An Introduction to Strays

The Ginger Tom is an old boy, who we can’t quite dissuade from fighting, or wailing, but here he is being spoiled with ham (and yes, his ear/skin is injured: we want to take him to the vet but we can’t at the moment).

Disney is a mid-aged boy, who gets into way too many fights with Tom–we think it’s because the two of them aren’t neutered. Here he is, being spoiled with cat milk (yes, he’s injured too, though you can’t see the worst of it here).

The two of them have a lot of skin injuries, and the Ginger Tom has had a lot of eye injuries. I bought some anti-septic for animals, but it’s a spray bottle, and the two of them are more than wary of being sprayed with it, even if they’re being bribed with treats.

We try and feed them enough to keep them healthy internally while we work out a way to get them to the vet; they get proper pouches of cat food, and only get treats every once in a while.

They’re very friendly and affectionate! And I’m sure they would make wonderful pets if they had the chance.


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